Bodyweight Strength Training: 12 Weeks to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Bodyweight Strength Training: 12 Weeks to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Jay Cardiello

Language: English

Publisher: Rockridge Press

Published: Dec 5, 2017


Burn fat and build strength with this easy 12-week plan from *Bodyweight Strength Training*

When it comes to getting fit and feeling good, knowing what to do and finding the time to do it is more than half of the battle. Eliminating the hassle of gym memberships, SHAPE editor-at-large and celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello lays out a fool-proof 12-week plan to show readers how strength training can help them get into shape and burn fat. With essential exercises for your legs, back, abdomen, and arms, plus easy-to-follow workout plans that suit any schedule, Bodyweight Strength Training does the heavy lifting for you.

Bodyweight Strength Training contains:

  • Personalized Plans catering to various schedules and fitness levels
  • Over 90 Illustrations making exercises clear and easy-to-repeat
  • Essential Workouts requiring only 10 to 13 minutes out of your day to start

Strength training exercises include: Sumo Squats, Scapular Holds, Torso Twists, Push-Ups, Triceps Press-Ups, and much more!

A proven track record for success with professional athletes and celebrities alike, Jay Cardiello shares his strategy here to help you get strong and stay lean.


About the Author

JAY CARDIELLO is a health and fitness expert who trains professional athletes, celebrities, and leaders in the entertainment industry. He is also an author and regular contributor for publications such as the Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, SELF, GQ, and People. Jay lives in New York City with his son, Max.