Commercializing Innovation: Turning Technology Breakthroughs Into Products

Commercializing Innovation: Turning Technology Breakthroughs Into Products

Jerome Schaufeld

Language: English

Publisher: Apress

Published: Aug 12, 2015


Commercializing technology is not easy. There are many complicated decisions to make: Where to get ideas? Which to pursue? Whom to hire? Where to manufacture? How to fund? Create a startup or license to another? As Commercializing Innovation: Turning Technology Breakthroughs into Products shows, you need a systematic method to answer such questions and bring sophisticated products and services to market. In this book, successful technology entrepreneur and professor Jerome Schaufeld offers a step-by-step commercialization process that begins with assessing technology from a variety of sources and ends with taking viable products into the market. As he shows, by applying systematic processes to technology commercialization, you can create a greater number of useful products while improving the probability of their success in the marketplace. Using case studies and models, as well as the experience Schaufeld has accumulated over the years, Turning Tech Breakthroughs into Products shows readers how to: Source technology that can be turned into products Recognize an opportunity to create a viable product Perform feasibility analyses before sinking too much money into a project Find the right method and means to introduce the product to market Plan the project down to the last detail Execute the project in ways that improve chances of its success Schaufeld also covers topics of great importance to entrepreneurs and business developers, like why manufacturing in the Third World is not always the best option, how to abide government regulations without letting them cripple your project, and how to compete globally when good ideas and the money to fund them now come from every corner of the world. As a successful entrepreneur, consultant, and professor of entrepreneurship at a leading U.S. engineering school, Schaufeld’s unique vantage point allows him to provide cogent insights into both the theoretical and practical aspects of bringing products to market. By following his methods, you will improve your chances of creating successful products.